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Case Study

Hay Green Stream, Bournville, Birmingham


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Hay Green Stream, Bournville - Gabion works

Client: Bournville Village Trust

 Value: £30,000

 Specification: Re-establish a 30m length of Hay Green Stream by excavating embankments and laying stone gabions, removing old footbridge and installing new. Regrading embankments as part of the completion process.

 Site preparation: Removal of vegetation, roots, trees. Stank (dam) upstream and pump through works whilst working on site

 Works:          Demolish and remove existing footbridge and replace with new.

                        Excavate embankment and stream bed to a width of 3m

                        Install and fill mattresses with gabion stone

                        Regrade all embankments and fill with topsoil

                        Repair and make good all fencing and surrounds 

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During works 2.JPG
Bournville Gabions 1.jpg
Gabions 2.jpg
Thank you for the work that you did for us to rebuild the banks of the stream at Hay Green. The work was well planned and completed in good time and to an excellent standard. We will of course consider you for similar jobs in the future.
— Richard Hughes, Estate Manager,Bournville Village Trust