J2 Cov Ring Road - Panorama.jpg

Case Study

Junction 2, Coventry Ring Road


J2 Cov Ring Road - Panorama.jpg

Junction 2, Coventry Ring Road








Client: Balfour Beatty Living Places, on behalf of Coventry City Council

Value: £50,000

Specification: The repair of road carriageway barriers and a retaining wall following damage caused by a Road Traffic Accident.   

Works -
Barrier Removal: Removed loose and damaged barriers along with structural concrete support plinths.

Concrete ReplacementCast new formed concrete footings for the new barriers. 

Replacement BarriersInstallation of new barriers at the site.

Retaining WallRemoved damaged section of wall.  Repaired sub-structure and then put in new replacement brickwork. 

Following damage by a vehicle the barriers and retaining wall needed urgent repair. Haystoun quickly and safely made the repairs at this busy junction allowing traffic flow to be restored
— Dave Elliott, Senior Bridge Engineer, Coventry City Council