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Case Study - Junction 4

Junction 4, Coventry Ring Road

Case Study


Junction 4, Coventry Ring Road



Client: Balfour Beatty Living Places, on behalf of Coventry City Council

Value: £90,000

Specification: The repair and refurbishment of the reinforced concrete flyover at London Road, Coventry which is approximately 40 years old. A survey identified some spalling of defective concrete resulting from moisture penetration and chloride contamination therefore corrosion control to the ongoing deterioration of the reinforcing steel was required.

Works -
Concrete RemovalRemoved loose or delaminated concrete. Undercut all exposed reinforcing by removing concrete from the full circumference of the steel until there was no visible sign of corrosion.

Cleaning and Repair of Reinforcing Steel: Cleaned exposed reinforcing steel to provide sufficient electrical connection and mechanical bond. Replaced reinforcing steel where significant reduction in cross section has occurred. Secured loose reinforcing steel by tying tightly to other bars with steel tie wire. 

Edge and Surface Conditioning of Concrete: Created a clean, sound substrate by removing bond-inhibiting materials from the concrete substrate by high pressure water blasting and abrasive blasting.

Galvanic Anode Installation: Installed anode units and repaired material immediately after preparation and cleaning of the steel reinforcement as detailed in specification.

Electrical Continuity: Confirmed the electrical connection between every anode tie wire and reinforcing steel and confirmed the electrical continuity of the exposed reinforcing steel within the repair area.

Concrete or Mortar Replacement: Repair materials with normal concrete repair procedures.

The work was planned and executed in a professional
manner and delivered on time
— Dave Elliott, Senior Bridge Engineer, Coventry City Council