New construction and maintenance works


Bridge Maintenance

Repairs to damaged sections of highway bridges caused by age related deterioration of the structure or from traffic accidents.  These repairs can be from a straightforward masonry rebuild, to a more in depth replacement of sacrificial anodes along a complete section of concrete structure, or a complete bridge deck replacement.

Hard & Soft Landscaping

These are typically smaller projects and include the construction of children’s play areas, new footpaths within public green spaces. 

Junction 2, Ring Road

Barrier and Retaining Wall Repairs 

Concrete Repairs

Repairs to highways related concrete structures are essential to prolong their operational life.  Defects are typically identified during routine inspections and are mostly caused by constant exposure to the weather and in a small minority of cases from road traffic accidents.  

Works can be to remove and reform small damaged sections of surface material, through the replacement of internal structural steelwork as well as the surface, to the replacement of sacrificial anodes.

Junction 4, Ring Road

Concrete Repairs to Flyover 

Highways Civils Works

Works to create new highway junctions or maintenance activity to repair damaged sections of carriageway, bridges, footways kerbing, vehicle , or associated infrastructure.  

These works require a range of activities which could include:  demolition and excavation, beam/deck replacement of bridges, concrete repairs, waterproofing and expansion joint repairs, cleaning & application of protective coatings, masonry & brickwork repairs, kerbing, vehicular parapets, safety fencing and resurfacing.

Drainage Works

On and around Highways this includes carriageway and footway subsidence due to drainage issues and specifically to watercourses undertaking work to rivers & brooks to re-stabilize banks using gabions, dredging activity and debris removals.