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Thorpe Bridge

Junction 2, Coventry Ring Road



Thorpe Bridge, Southam







Client: Balfour Beatty Living Places, on behalf of Coventry City Council

Value: £40,000

Specification: Installation of scour protection to the abutments of the bridge that spans the River Itchen using stone filled gabions together with associated concrete and brickwork repairs.

Works -
Dewatering: The installation of an upstream barrier comprising driven interlocking piles and  a polythene membrane with water pumped downstream of the site.

Gabion installation: The preparation and levelling of the invert of the river bed in the bridge hole to receive the gabions. Gabion cages then assembled, placed in position and filled with 100mm/200mm stone.  Grading of the invert of the river bed.

Concrete and Brickwork repairs: Repairs to the concrete foundations and brickwork soffit of the arch undertaken. Brick stitch repair work also undertaken using resin bound helical bars.

Following damage by a vehicle the barriers and retaining wall needed urgent repair. Haystoun quickly and safely made the repairs at this busy junction allowing traffic flow to be restored
— Dave Elliott, Senior Bridge Engineer, Coventry City Council